Virginia Biodiesel Refinery is the state of Virginia’s oldest and largest biodiesel production facility. Founded in 2003, we have lead the mid-Atlantic region in providing top quality, locally sourced, sustainable, diesel fuel. Having been at the forefront of the biodiesel industry, we have grown and evolved with the ever-changing biofuels market. Beginning with a few small stainless steel tanks, into a 5 million gallon a year, multi-feedstock capable, third-party quality assured refinery. Our roots stem from a family run fuel oil business based in Kilmarnock, Virginia, with a mission to supply our local community with their essential energy needs. Providing biodiesel to our customers is a crucial step towards balancing our nation’s increasing energy requirements, while offering an eco-concious fuel alternative for the next generation. Locally produced, distributed, sustainable, “green” energy is beneficial to our environment, and also our economy. These efforts were recognized in the spring of 2005, when President George W. Bush visited our refinery to introduce his 2006 energy bill. Consistent with our company’s mission of providing the highest quality fuel for our customer’s, in 2012 Virginia Biodiesel became the first biodiesel refinery in the country to partner with ECO Engineers, a third-party, quality control management firm. As a result, we have been certified through the EPA, as a “tier 1” producer, giving our customer’s the guarantee of a quality made product.

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